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About Me

    What can I say about me?  My name is Stephen Hoffman, but you can call me Steve.  I am a Systems Administrator in Research Triangle Park, NC.  I write programs, test and maintain high end servers and provide technical support for a internet company called Buildlinks.  You may have heard of them!  I  enjoy computers, motorcycles and spending time with my wife.  You can read about computers by following the link to the left or clicking here.  Read on for bikes and babes!
    I have ridden and owned a few bikes over the years.  I suppose I owe that addiction to  my uncle.  He bought a '96 Yamaha Virago and sparked my two-wheeled flame.  I took better care of his bike then I did my own car (although at the time I was only allowed to putter around the side yard on it).  I finally got my permit, took the Pennsylvania Motorcyle Safety Foundation's course and got my license.  I could now take the bike on the open road!  Uncle Pete, through a friend, got me a great deal on a '79 Kawasaki KZ1000 LTD and that became my first motorcycle.  Sure it needed a little work..a little insurance...a registration...a title...but that wouldn't stop me!  Turns out getting all that was harder then I originally thought, not that I didn't try!  I just drove it illegally for a few years, I laid it down once but a bike in that condition you didn't really worry about dings and scratches.  Finally, as fate would have it, I got busted on it.  $500 in fines later I sold it as parts and bought my Katana. 
    A '95 Suzuki Katana was my next purchase, admitidly a dramatic change from  the cruisers I was used to, it was a step in the right direction.  I loved that bike, I put over 14000 miles on it in only two years which is a lot of riding (in case you are not a bike person).  The bike just became too much to take care of and not having a place to work on it I had to sell it.  I have a deal going with Joni (my wife) that when I get my weight down to ~220 I get my dream bike.  A  Suzuki GSX-R 750 aka "The Gixxer".  I currently have about 70 lbs to go, but I'll get there. 
    As for my babe, Joni is my wife's name.  We were married June 19, 2004 in Pennsylvania.  It was a medium sized wedding with about 200 in attendance, and a party followed that we'll never forget!  We do as much as possible together, I love to spend time with her.  We are currently in the process of buying a house in Wake Forest NC.  I think that is me in a nutshell, if you want to know more, email me...the contact link is at the bottom of the page, feel free!

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