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Stephen Hoffman
8700 Poteat Dr, Wake Forest NC 27587, 919-625-9636


A highly motivated, dependable professional with excellent interpersonal skills. Strong background in system and network administration. Thorough and organized approach to projects; expertise in computer technologies such as UNIX and Windows. Thrives on a challenge.

Professional Experience

BuildLinks, Inc.

Morrisville, NC


Sr. Systems Administrator
  • Administer 6 Windows 2003 servers, 6 Red Hat Linux servers in 24x7 production, 25 Windows (2000/XP) and 5 Linux (Red Hat/SuSE) workstations
  • Maintain IT budget, negotiate with software and hardware vendors, set policy for acceptable use of company hardware and network
  • Project Manager for numerous B2B integration projects all with 100% success
  • Implemented employee, asset and license tracking database with secure web interface for simplified upkeep and report generation
  •  Setup Active Directory, LDAP and Kerberos for single sign on in mixed OS environment
  • Level 2 technical support for clients (approx. 900 users) and sole point of support for all employees (31)
  • Installed configured and maintain F5 BIG-IP for load balancing and fail over for web based CRM
  • Create internal and external application websites including a custom CMS with built-in rich text editor using PHP, HTML and Javascript
  • Configure and administer network on redundant T1's with Cisco PIX firewall, Catalyst 2900 series switches with multiple VLAN's
  • Maintained Lucent/Avaya phone system over PBX then upgraded to NEC system via T1 PRI

Computer Task Group

Raleigh, NC


Software Engineer
  • Created custom software in Visual Basic, C++, Perl and Shell for simplifying and expediting testing on Intel based servers
  • Confiugred and maintained IBM TotalStorage SAN connected via FastT 700 and 900 switches with over 15TB of storage spanning 7 enterprise racks managed with IBM SAN Manager software.  SAN was used by 5 different departments via zoning
  • Administered 14 Win 2000/2003 Advanced Servers providing services including: DNS, DHCP, Domain Controller, Web Server, Ftp server, Norton AV Update and Ghost Server
  • Maintained private LAN of 600 clients spanning 4 subnets over both fiber and copper lines utilizing VLAN's on Extreme, Cisco and Alteon managed switches routed publicly through an Extreme BlackDiamond enterprise class router with all fibre addon cards
  • Created system installation instructions and document procedures for software/driver installation
  • Implemented NFS install point with kickstart for Linux operating systems to simplify large scale machine builds
  • Trained new employees to use/install various Linux and Windows Operating Systems

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA


Systems Administrator
  • Administered 9 UNIX servers comprised of 4 AIX boxes, 3 Solaris boxes, and 2 RedHat Enterprise Linux boxes
  • Kept up with software patches, security updates and backups on servers and workstations
  • Provided Level I and Level II technical support for UNIX, Windows and Mac users
  • Installed, configured, and tested software/hardware solutions on UNIX and Windows machines on development servers before pushing to production systems
  • Prepared technical documentation for procedures and machine configuration
  • Conducted department-wide migration from WinNT and 2000 to WindowsXP for 30 PC's
  • Maintained various services for developmental and production purposes including: DB2, Apache, Content Manager, WebSphere, CVS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FTP, SSH
  • Wrote shell scripts to automate tasks, developmental programming in VBScript and C++
  • Implemented disaster recovery plan that received praise by independent audit conducted by IBM

Ward Trucking

Wilkes Barre, PA


Shift Manager
  • Managed 8 employees on million dollar account handling the sorting, palleting and loading for delivery of electronics equipment
  • Processed payroll for employees and ran nightly reports on operating costs and revenues
  • Responsible for employment reviews
  • Handled shipment shortages and customer concerns, numerous commendations for zero claims
  • Led terminal in lost revenue recovery for improperly classified and weighed pallets from shippers


Bachelor of Science, Operations & Information Systems Management
The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA

Relevant Coursework:


Visual Basic, Visual C, C++, VBA Scripting, HTML


Oracle 8, Access XP, SQL 2000

Business Applications

Microsoft Office 2000, SAP R/3, Arena, @Risk, AutoCAD R14

Seminars and Affiliations

Fundamentals of Management ? October 2006 - 2 day course covering leadership, coaching and conflict resolutions skills
Windows XP Hands On ? Instructor, July 2002 ? Introductory seminar on the use of Windows XP for University wide migration
UNIX System Security Seminar ? Attendee, October 2002 ? Security concepts, common missed points of entry, security resources
Linux Users Group ? Member since January 2002 ? Using Linux as an alternative operating system, participate in demonstrations and installs, discussing ideas with other Linux users
St. Michael's Episcopal Church ? Webmaster ?

Operating Systems
UNIX systems  - Linux, AIX, Solaris
Windows systems - DOS, Win9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003
Macintosh systems - OS X, OS X.2 (Jaguar)

Server Skills
Web - Apache, IIS, WebSphere, HTML, PHP, CGI's
Database -  MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, Access, Oracle, MSSql
Communication - SSH, FTP, SFTP, Telnet
Security  - VPN, DCE, Kerberos, AFS
Networking - TCP/IP, Samba, NFS, NetBIOS, DNS, 802.11x
Email - Exchange, Sendmail, Exim, IMAP, POP3

Furnished upon request

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