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My Computers

So as I said in my "About Me" page...I'm a Software Engineer, a true computer geek, if you will.  That said it only makes sense that I have an inordinate amount of computer stuff, which I do.  I have various systems as well as enough spare parts to build..well at least one more sans processor.  I have migrated to a more organized way of storing it all too, I used to have it in a drawer and have to fumbe through it, but thanks to Wal-Mart (perhaps the greatest place on earth) I am completely organized with similar harware in rubbermaid tubs...I guess its the little things in life...

At any rate I'll outline my systems for you, try not to drool!
The beast:
Dell Precision 530
  • Dual Intel Pentium IV Xeons @1.7GHz...(yeah..that's 3.4GHz total)
  • 1GB PC800 RDRAM
  • 2x75GB Ultra160 SCSI Drives
  • 128MB NVidia GeForce2 video card (dual head)
  • Dual 100baseT NIC's
  • TV tuner card
  • Twin 17" Dell Flat panels 1280x1024 each
OS: Fedora Core 1 (Linux)

The workhorse:
Dell XPS-B 800
  • Intel Pentium III @800MHz
  • 512MB PC800 RDRAM
  • 80GB 7200rpm UIDE HDD
  • 40GB 7200rpm UIDE HDD
  • ATI All-in-wonder 8000 64MB TVtuner
  • 100baseT NIC
  • 56K U.S. Robotics Fax/Modem
OS: Windows XP

The guinea pig:
Dell XPS-T 500
  • Intel Pentium III @500MHz
  • 512MB PC133 SDRAM
  • 40GB 7200rpm IDE HDD
  • 13.6 GB 5400rpm IDE HDD
  • NVidia TNT2 16MB
  • 100baseT NIC
OS: Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

The loaner:
Toshiba Satellite
  • Intel Pentium IV @ 2.4GHz
  • 1GB PC2100 DDRRAM
  • 40GB HDD
  • M3 Graphics 64MB
  • 802.11b/g
OS: Windows XP Pro

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