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Right now I am working on several web-based projects.  Two are commercial, one is non-profit and one is personal (this site).  I'll flatter you with this site first.
    This site is written almost entirely in PHP and runs on a MySQL backend.  I don't consider myself to be a graphical person, but I'll admit that I've impressed myself this time around.  I wrote the entire site with only two pages (index.php and pages.php) the rest is pulled based on the link you click on.  I setup the counter on the bottom to work with "cookies" to prevent the counter from being falsely inflated.  The side menus are Javascript and so is the tool I use to post all this.
    This site came to me pretty much completed, but it was all done in front page and was quite clunky.  I stripped out as much as I possibly could and rewrote the entire thing in php.  That's really all I did was make it easier for him to post his sermons and clean it up a little extra code.
    This really isn't a commercial site, but it is by no means a personal webpage.  This site was initially a HTML site, but I have converted it to PHP to make it more dynamic and allow for easy updates (I'll get to that shortly).  I tried to keep the site very simple and incorporated Gallery into it to display images and give the church a way to get the images across. 
    I also wrote a custom content management system, almost completely from scratch.  It takes advantage of a javascrip HTML text editor that does Richtext.  The data is all stored in a SQL database and allows for multiple user logins to change and manage the data.
    This is really just a basic informational website, really nothing overly fancy here.  I allow basic interaction with the site to do some dynamic updates but other then that its really just meant to be static.  In fact it's 99% pure HTML and I have no plans on redoing it.  It gets its point across though, so their happy and I'm happy.

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