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Sneaky, Sneaky

Today was quite a day for Zack. It was his first day wearing a tie to "work". Ok, let me take a step back and tell the story. Steve was getting dressed this morning when Zack said that he wanted to wear a tie. He asked me to pick him up so I did and we waited for Daddy to come pick out the "perfect tie" for Zack. He repeated this continuously until Steve picked out one of his ties (the oldest one I think) and put it on Zack. The knot came to the middle of his chest and the bottom of the tie came below his knees. It didn't matter to him though as he was so very proud of himself.

Zack would not take the tie off when it was time to leave for school so I let him wear it figuring that I'd take it off of him once we got to school. At school, I took off his coat and he said to Miss Lisa "I wearing my perfect tie". I washed his hands and took the tie off but he turned to look at me and started crying like I just slapped him so I put the tie back on him. From what I was told tonight he wore it until one of the other kids pulled at it and then they took it off of him. He put it back on when I picked him up and wore it until I changed him for bed.

Steve had to work late tonight so we called to tell Daddy night night just before bed time. I heard Daddy ask Zack if he was wearing his tie. Zack responds "I wear my perfect tie. I wear my tie just like Daddy." It was so cute! I already had the feeling that I was going to have a mini-Steve before much longer but I think that this proves it.

When I was talking to Miss Lisa this morning she told me more about the peas from yesterday. Evidently after Miss Dawn noticed Zack giving his peas to Cale, Lisa moved them farther apart so that they would each eat their own food. She was across the room watching them out of the corner of her eye when she sees Zack take a pea and put it on the table half-way between he and Cale - in the perfect position for Cale to get it. She turns around and gives Zack the look that says "are you supposed to be doing that?" He sees the look so he reaches his hand out, covers up the pea, and slowly slides it back to his plate. As he knew exactly what he was doing Lisa told me that he was being sneaky - which of course he picked up on and started saying "I neaky, I neaky". I told him that it wasn't nice to be sneaky but I have the feeling we will be having that conversation more than once as he grows up.

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