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All packed

We are all packed for our trip. Zack is so excited that he gets to ride on an airplane tomorrow, and, of course, watch his movies! He wants to watch Jungle Book and Monsters, Inc. After being burned on a trip to Vermont not long after Zack was born, we learned from our mistake and packed enough of Steve's snowboarding stuff in our carry on so that if our luggage gets lost he can just rent a board and go. This trip should be so much fun!! Now, we are just hoping that they get all the runways cleared in Philly so that the flight my family is on takes off on time and they don't get stuck in the airport for a long time.

I know that I say this a lot but Zack surprised me again tonight. We were on our way home and he was talking to himself. Out of the blue he says "the big one is called a quarter Mommy." I said, "Yes it is. What is the baby one called?" Without any hesistation he tell me "A dime Mommy!". So, pushing my luck I ask him what the middle one is called. Again, he resonds without hesistation, "A nickle! Just like the piggy bank." Whenever we have silver change we let Zack learn to save money and put it into his piggy bank. We would discuss what all the coins are called as we put each one in but he never had any real interest in tellng me what they were. Before bed time Steve had some change that he let him save. As Steve held up each coin Zack told him what each one is called. He stumbled a little on the nickle but knew right away which ones were dimes and quarters.

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