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Wild Blue YonderPosted: 11/08/12 @ 10:51 pm By: Steve Hoffman

So I'm currently cruising along at 36,000 ft at roughly 500mph enjoying a Miller Lite (for $6?!?!)...and for some reason I was excited to have internet that's only a hair better then the 56K modem I rocked back in college...

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Hello...? Posted: 10/15/12 @ 6:47 pm By: Steve Hoffman

Hmmm...It's been a while...wondering if this all still works?

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SPAM...Be GONE!!! Posted: 06/21/10 @ 9:08 am By: Steve Hoffman

For all of you out there that run your own mailserver and have lost the battle to fight spam...I highly recommend Postini as the solution.  We run our our mail server from home so we have total control over everything (mailbox size, shared access, attachment size, # of accounts and email addresses, etc) but I have been losing the battle of spam fighting lately and just don't have the time to tweak and tune mail rules...Outlook does a pretty good job of catching what I missed but by the time outlook downloads the message it's already run to my phone which checks more often then outlook so I get the spam briefly then it's gone.  Well since I signed up for Postini yesterday I have received 0 spam's and Joni only had two false positives (which were spam in my book).  So if this sounds like you...for $12/year/ can't go wrong.

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All packed Posted: 02/26/10 @ 9:58 pm By: Joni Hoffman

We are all packed for our trip. Zack is so excited that he gets to ride on an airplane tomorrow, and, of course, watch his movies! He wants to watch Jungle Book and Monsters, Inc. After being burned on a trip to Vermont not long after Zack was born, we learned from our mistake and packed enough of Steve's snowboarding stuff in our carry on so that if our luggage gets lost he can just rent a board and go. This trip should be so much fun!! Now, we are just hoping that they get all the runways cleared in Philly so that the flight my family is on takes off on time and they don't get stuck in the airport for a long time.

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Sneaky, Sneaky Posted: 02/25/10 @ 10:12 pm By: Joni Hoffman

Today was quite a day for Zack. It was his first day wearing a tie to "work". Ok, let me take a step back and tell the story. Steve was getting dressed this morning when Zack said that he wanted to wear a tie. He asked me to pick him up so I did and we waited for Daddy to come pick out the "perfect tie" for Zack. He repeated this continuously until Steve picked out one of his ties (the oldest one I think) and put it on Zack. The knot came to the middle of his chest and the bottom of the tie came below his knees. It didn't matter to him though as he was so very proud of himself.

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